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Hanbell Vacuum Technology Dry Pump

Hanbell Vacuum

Hanbell plays a critical role in the modern vacuum pump technology today – clean and harsh environments. The company provides customers with high quality vacuum environment, reduced system setup capital and faster ROI.

DYHC series| Dah Young| Tech Gate Engineering

Dah Young Vacuum

Dah Young has been deeply involved in the vacuum field coating for half a century. It is a leading company with thin-film design and plasma technology. The company develops and produces specialized systems in plasma, decorative, abrasion-resistant, and barrier coatings.


DVP Technology

DVP products can be found in many industrial sectors like food processing, plastics, packaging, glass, metallurgy, printing and many others. The company believed in providing the most suited product to create a better life for everyone.

VITZRO EM Auto Gate Valve| Tech Gate Engineering

VITZRO Gate Valve

VITZRO features using patented locking module without link and level. This enhances lesser particles, noise generation and lower vibration. It is brazed under vacuum at high temperature which commands ease of maintenance and constant leak rate.

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