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Diamond-Like Carbon Coating System


DYHC system – Welcome to our world of advanced technology and innovation, where the remarkable potential of the diamond-like carbon coating is brought to life. Our cutting-edge diamond-like carbon coat solutions are poised to revolutionize various industries with their extraordinary attributes.

Advantages Driving the Popularity of Diamond-Like Carbon Coating

Unlock the realm of possibilities with diamond-like coat applications, as we delve into the following advantages:

  • Unparalleled Hardness: The diamond-like carbon coating delivers a hardness comparable to natural diamonds, offering robust protection against wear and abrasion.
  • Friction Reduction: Experience enhanced efficiency and reduced energy loss due to the ultra-low friction properties of the diamond-like carbon coat.
  • Chemical Resilience: Embrace corrosion resistance and stability in aggressive environments, attributed to the diamond-like carbon coat’s exceptional chemical inertness.

Trends Fueling the Adoption of Diamond-Like Carbon Coating:

  • Eco-Friendly Solutions: The diamond-like carbon coat promotes sustainability by extending component lifespan, minimizing waste, and conserving resources.
  • Miniaturization in Electronics: As technology shrinks, the diamond-like carbon coat preserves precision and longevity in tiny yet essential components.
  • Healthcare Advancements: Medical devices and implants benefit from the biocompatibility and durability of the diamond-like carbon coat, elevating patient care.

Applications Embarking on the Diamond-Like Carbon Coating Journey:

 Delve into the modern landscape of diamond-like carbon coat applications:

  • Automotive Excellence: Elevate automotive performance and durability with diamond-like carbon-coated engine parts and gears.
  • Aerospace Innovations: Safeguard aircraft efficiency and safety through diamond-like carbon-coated turbine components.
  • Medical Progress: From surgical tools to implants, the diamond-like carbon coat empowers healthcare solutions with its resilience and compatibility.
  • Electronics Evolution: Infuse connectors and components with the diamond-like carbon coat for heightened reliability and extended lifespans.

DLC coating exhibits a remarkable blend of qualities: high hardness, low friction coefficient, elevated density, wear, and corrosion resistance. Operating at low temperatures, this coating finds extensive utility in automotive engine parts, gears,  drills, aerospace turbine components, medical surgical tools to implants, and decorative finishes (e.g., watches, and smartphone cases). Its versatility extends to mechanical parts, diverse molds, and more.

Dah Young boasts cutting-edge hard coating equipment with a distinctive chamber design and adaptable power configuration. Tailoring solutions to customer requisites, we offer targeted position design and even magnetic filter tube integration. We optimize ionization rates, diminish particle adhesion, cut production expenses, and heighten coating quality by serial linking magnetic filter tubes ahead of each arc target. Experience innovation and precision with Dah Young.

Model DYHC 1000
Chamber Dimension (mm) 1740 (L) x 680 (W) x 556 (H)
Chamber Material SUS304
Chamber Diameter (mm) 1000
Chamber Height (mm) 1000
Operating System IPC & PLC Automatic and Manual Control
Weight (kg) 5000
Number of Planetary Axis 7 Axes (available in other designs)
System Footprint (mm) Plate to Plate 1 Set
Power Source (V, Hz) 3-phase, 220V, 50/60 Hz
Power Supply  (kVA) 40
Cooling Water (L/min) >20
Optional Equipment Chiller

DYPC System Presentation [Download]


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