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From 2010, Dah Young then had produced special and in-demand PECVD coating equipment for automotive car lightings like DYPL, DYPE series. These systems had been greatly adopted by Taiwan, China, and Southeast Asia countries. This is due to its system stability and high productivity. In 2017, Dah Young released the hybrid SKP coating system. It is to meet customers’ stringent requirements like higher throughput with diverse production-in-demand capability.

SKP system – Dah Young’s Hybrid Rapid Coating and evaporation metalliser is specially designed and developed. It is for today’s demanding, futuristic automotive light reflector with deep hole coating capability, bezel, and trinkets. The hybrid capabilities of PVD and PECVD in this coating system helps to produce a high-yield, superior rapid coating process. That enhances production capability and reducing operating costs with faster ROI. What’s more can you ask for when you are intending to expand the production capacity with a limited budget?

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Dah Young SKP Advantages

To sum up for this SKP system, Dah Young had grappled with strong experiences and customer’s feedback to provide augmented features as follows:


High Reliability

The hybrid SKP system is targeted for daily mass production in the automotive industry which demonstrates constant and unmatched reliability. Besides its key and serviceable components are adopted to ensure maximum system uptime through simplified maintenance and convenience to access. Above all, its robust and smart machine design helps to keep maintenance to a minimum.

Optimized Pumping Efficiency

Most importantly, the SKP system is an optimized pumping capability of a piping system that is streamlined to provide high pumping efficiency. For instance, the hybrid coating pumping system is purposefully calculated to keep the best pumping capability and efficiency. Besides, the SKP system is selected to keep high yield and great quality in check at all times.

Consistent High Yield

Dah Young placed much emphasis on enhanced pollution prevention capability through the great valve and in-chamber design. As a result, it drastically reduces leakage that may inadvertently affect the yield. Moreover, with the MF-powered electrodes, the SKP ensures an excellent and consistently superb quality of the deposited Aluminium layer.

Highly Efficient and Productive Processing

SKP is equipped with the advanced controller to provide remote control capability for operation as well as service access. In addition, the presence of double-door design with configurable pylons (up to 2 pylons) per door promotes higher productivity and efficient processing.

Together with this special design within the chamber and its source, it helps to promote ease of maintenance thereby shortening its maintenance period.

Compact System

The hybrid SKP system is a compact (less than 25m2 in total) with smart features and a small footprint that provides great relief to the purchaser and planner.

Dah Young had certainly emphasized heavily on a compact and easy-to-handle steel frame in mind. Most importantly, this is to enable rapid and reduced complications during machine installation. Likewise, relocation of the system will not be a great hassle too. Moreover, the opened design of the system also created higher accessibility of components and maintenance much easier.

SKP hybrid coating system is flawless with efficient operation. In addition, its rapid cycle coating increases production rate which leads to ultimate production cycle time.

In order to achieve maximum pumping capability, high-efficient pumps help to streamline the piping system further.

Besides, the avant-garde designed exterior valve is applied to prevent pollution and leakage that may lead to pumping efficiency.

The installed IPC design provides multiple recipes storage and datalog. Therefore, it encourages operation remotely with troubleshooting capability.

Model SKP-1000 SKP-1500

Chamber Dimension

L x W x H (mm)

1100 x 1000 x 1850 1100 x 1500 x 1850
Number of Planetary Axis 1 2
Efficiency Height  (mm) 1500 1500
Efficiency Diameter(mm) 700 500
Number of filament (Pieces) 18~28 18~28
Filament Power Supply  (kW) 30 30
Plasma Electrode Plate to Plate 1 Set Plate to Plate 2 Sets
Plasma Power Frequency/Power Supply MF 40 kHz/ 10 kW MF 40 kHz/ 10 kW
Ultimate Vacuum Pressure  (Torr) 5×10-6 5×10-6
Cycle Time  (min) ≦10 ≦12
Power Supply  (kVA) 105 115
SKP Trinkets_150_150 SKP_Headlight_150_150 SKP_Automotive_Inner-Door-Handle_150_150 Automotive_Front_Grille_150_150

SKP Series Brochure [Download]

Hybrid Rapid Coating

SKP 1000
SKP 1500

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