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DVP Vacuum Technology, as one of the main established players in the vacuum technology segment, has almost 50 years of experience. We are based in San Pietro in Casale (Bologna, Italy) and we are always ready to comprehend the real world’s demand and provide a suitable unique solution to customers.

DVP Vacuum Technology offers a wide variety of compressors and vacuum pumps (oil lubricated, oil sealed and dry) in many market segments like chemical, health, food processing, packaging, glass, printing, metallurgy and many others. The word “vacuum” is meaningful to DVP as it generates the “plenum” of life for pressure equalization to cater for more distribution and demand.

Food and Beverage

Food drying and bottling are areas where vacuum technology may apply. The vacuum drying process in food involves the mass removal operation of moisture present in food by reducing the chamber below vapor pressure thereby causing it to boil.  The application of a vacuum pump helps the food to achieve the dried process.  This helps to prevent oxidation, maintain color, flavor as well as the texture of the food.

With the capability of vacuum drying, it is also ideal to apply to those heat-sensitive compounds or microorganisms where its advantages of removing moisture at low temperatures and minimizing the possibility of oxidation reactions.


Food Packaging

The freshness of foods will deteriorate when time passes.  Vacuum food packaging is a methodology of extracting the air within the packet/ container. This creates an anaerobic environment that limits the growth of aerobic bacteria and prevents the evaporation of volatile contents. The process not only helps to extend the shelf life, protects the flavor, appearance, and texture but reduces the volume of the contents and the freezer burns effect.

This promotes consumers to purchase in small bulk which can be stored in the refrigerator that conserve storage space. The vacuum packaged foods can remain fresh as it no longer becomes dehydrated or moisture-damage.


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Pump Models

Oil Lubricated Rotary Vane Pump
Oil Sealed Pump
Oil Free Rotary Vane Pump

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