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What is an Oil-Free Vacuum Pump?

An oil-less vacuum pump or a dry vacuum pump is equivalent to an oil free vacuum pump. It is a pump that does not use oil in the chamber to create a vacuum. Moreover, the DVP’s oil free rotary vane pump consist of a rotor located an eccentric position within the cylindrical body.

Its simplicity of design has made the pump becoming robust, long-lasting with low maintenance and running costs. Its specially designed cover helps to ensure low noise and better heat emission.

One of the main advantages of the DVP’s oil-free rotary vane pumps is it can run continuously at atmospheric pressure or at the highest vacuum pressure. On the other hand, it is not advisable to apply in an environment that contains moisture, oil or other traces of liquid.


Cleaner and More Environmental Friendly

If the process that the pump is adopting requires a stringent and lower levels of contamination, an oil-free vacuum pump offers an efficient and guaranteed solution. In addition, the oil-free vacuum pumps have the additional advantage of reducing oil consumption in the manufacturing process, thereby lessening the environmental impact from the production and disposal of oil.


Ease of Maintenance and Lower Maintenance Cost

Maintenance has never been so easy where credit goes to the removal parts that permit direct access to the vanes for some models. This enhances the quick replacement without removing the complete conveyor carter. Another main concern from the user is maintenance costing. These pumps do not need to replace the oil and oil separator parts, which is regularly required. As a result, this oil-free vacuum pump provides an ideal low maintenance cost solution.


Lower Cost of Ownership

With all those benefits listed above, the total cost of ownership during the application of the oil-free vacuum pump and its lifetime is an outstanding indication of a low cost. The reduced maintenance costs and ease of maintenance have helped to maintain the depreciating cost per machine better cost-benefit. Although the initial investment of an oil vacuum pump may look convincing, the cost of maintaining an oil-free vacuum pump outweighs those in a long term.


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Pump Models

SC 8

Nominal Capacity: 8 – 9 m3/hr


Nominal Capacity: 8 m3/hr

SB16/ SB25/ SB40

Nominal Capacity: 16 – 48 m3/hr

SC 60

Nominal Capacity: 60 – 70 m3/hr

SC 80

Nominal Capacity: 80 – 90 m3/hr

SC 100

Nominal Capacity: 100 – 115 m3/hr

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