SC 80 Oil-Free Vacuum Pump

The SC 100 oil-free rotary vane pumps have a powerful fan installed between the pump housing and the motor. This is to ensure the optimal cooling capability to the pump. With sturdy and compact housing, it keeps the noise level extremely low.

SC 80

The highly durable graphite vanes together with its low internal temperature warranted its resistance. The maintenance is coupled with ease – thanks to the removable front grid, that allows direct access to the vanes. This encourages quick replacement without disassembling the conveyor carter.

The suction and discharge phases had been optimized to increase its energy efficiency. As a result, the energy consumption does not change from atmospheric pressure to absolute final pressure.


Nominal Capacity (m3/hr) Ultimate Pressure  Motor Power (kW)
50 Hz/ 60 Hz mbar/ torr 50 Hz/ 60 Hz
SC 80 80/ 90 150/ 112.5 2.2/ 3.0


  • Vacuum packaging (filling and sealing machines) in food packing and food processing.
  • In the production of PET containers.
  • On top of that, it is applicable to air cushion machines, pharmaceutical blister systems, and the production of paper bags.
  • As we are progressing towards Industrial 4.0, the vacuum pump is applicable to hold and lifting of products attached to the Robotic arms.
  • Protective Filter at the Inlet
  • Silencer at the outlet
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For more information, you may visit DVP Oil-Free Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump.

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