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INFICON Leak Detectors


Your Trusted Partner for Leak-Free Operations?

Why Use Leak Detectors?

Leaks are costly, harmful, and risky. From wasted resources and environmental damage to safety hazards and compliance issues, they can pose significant threats to your operations. Early leak detection is crucial, and INFICON, the industry leader in leak detection technology, can help you find hidden breaches and protect your assets.


Why Choose INFICON Leak Detectors?

  • Prevent Losses: Save money by stopping leaks before they waste valuable product, energy, or refrigerant.
  • Protect the Environment: Minimize harmful gas emissions and contribute to a greener future.
  • Ensure Safety: Identify potential hazards like combustible gas leaks before they escalate, keeping your people and facilities safe.
  • Meet Regulations: Stay compliant with leak detection and repair requirements mandated by various regulations.

Solutions for Every Applications:

INFICON offers a diverse range of leak detectors tailored to your specific needs, whether you’re in:

  • HVAC/R: Find refrigerant leaks in air conditioners, refrigerators, and other systems.
  • Industrial Gas: Detect leaks in pipelines, storage tanks, and processing equipment.
  • Vacuum Systems: Maintain vacuum integrity in science and manufacturing applications.
  • Automotive: Identify leaks in car engines, air conditioning systems, and fuel lines.
  • Semiconductor: Ensure high-purity environments in chip manufacturing.

The INFICON Leak Detector’s Advantage:

  • Unmatched Sensitivity: Detect even the smallest leaks, ensuring nothing escapes your notice.
  • Diverse Technologies: Choose from ultrasonic, heated element, chemical ionization, and more, based on your specific needs.
  • Portable and User-Friendly: Find solutions for every application and skill level, from pocket-sized detectors to advanced industrial models.
  • Durable and Reliable: Count on long-lasting performance even in demanding environments.
  • Global Support: Access expert service and training anywhere in the world.

Find Your Perfect Leak Detector Today:

Ready to eliminate leaks and protect your assets? Explore our product catalog, contact our experts, or download free resources to find the perfect INFICON leak detector for your application. Don’t wait for leaks to become problems – start safeguarding your operations today.

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Leak Detector Models

Protec® P3000(XL)
UL1000 Fab
UL3000 Fab Series
UL6000 Fab Series
Sensistor® Sentrac®

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