Protec® P3000(XL)

Specifically designed for full-time sniffing applications in demanding production environments


The INFICON Protec® P3000(XL) leak detector brings increased levels of productivity and reliability to the sub-assembly and mid-production testing of refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, automotive air conditioners, HVAC/R components, and similar products. Numerous features make it easy and comfortable to use while making it immune to careless or untrained operation. It is also fast to make the best use of your available cycle time.

Protec P3000 (XL) leak detector uses innovative INFICON Wise Technology in this robust, reliable, and maintenance-free sensor. The Wise Technology sensor combined with the unique design and ruggedness of the leak detector, provides a very low cost of ownership and high up-time.


Min. detectable leak rate for He (Vacuum Mode) mbar L/ sec < 5. 10-12
Min. detectable leak rate for He (Sniffer Mode) mbar L/ sec < 5 . 10-8
Max. Inlet pressure FINE mode mbar 2
Max. Inlet pressure ULTRA mode mbar 0.4
Pumping Speed during evacuation m3/hr 25 @ 50Hz
He pumping speed ULTRA mode L/sec 2.5
Detectable masses   2, 3, 4 amu
 Mass spectrometer sector field   180°
 Filaments ion source Iridium/ Yttria coated   2
 Calibrated built-in leak  mbar L/sec ∼ 10-7
Test port DN 25 KF 1
Adjustable triggers   2
Interface   RS 232
Chart recorder output V 2 x 10
Input/ Output   PLC Compatible
Permissible Ambient Temperature °C +10 to +40
Weight kg 110
Dimension (L x W x H) mm 1050 x 472 x 987
 Supply Voltage (EU) V (ac)  230 (±10%) 50
 Supply Voltage (US)  V (ac) 100/115 (±10%) 50/60
Power Consumption (typ.) VA 1100
Power Consumption (max.) VA 1100


Applicable in:

  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Air Conditioners
  • Automotive Air Conditioners
  • RAC Components
  • I-Guide operator guiding mode ensures your operator is testing the right locations with the correct technique.
  • Improved system design compensates for operator error reducing the potential for missed leaks.
  • Multiple alarm functions make sure alarms can not be overlooked.
  • Built-in PRO-Check reference leak allows for easy and fast calibration at the production line at any time.
  • A small display in the ergonomically designed probe handle shows the leak rate, so the operator can concentrate on the sniffing process and monitoring the leak rate at the same time.
  • Leak rates can be displayed in refrigerant equivalents from a gas library.
  • The built-in illumination source of the probe helps precisely position the sniffer tip.
  • New, low-maintenance sensor yields high reliability and low cost of ownership.
  • Automatic standby prevents the intake of contaminants into the sniffer probe, thus saving filter and sensor life.
  • Operating software is available in many languages.
File Language Filesize Download
Protec® P3000(XL) Operating Instructions EN ∼ 2403 KB pdf download
SL3000XL Operating Instructions EN ∼ 1800 KB pdf download



520-001 Leak Detector Protec P3000, 230V
520-002 Leak Detector Protec P3000, 115V
520-003 Leak Detector Protec P3000XL, 230V
520-004 Leak Detector Protec P3000XL, 115V
520-103 WISE Protec P3000, RC, He LD, 230V EU
520-104 Leak Detector Protec P3000RC, 115V
520-105 Leak Detector Protec P3000XLRC, 230V
520-106 Leak Detector Protec P3000XLRC, 115V



12209 Sniffer tip FT600, 600mm, flexible
12213 Sniffer Tip ST 312, 120mm rigid
12214 Sniffer Tip FT312, 120mm flexible
12215 Sniffer Tip ST 385, 385mm, rigid
 12216 Sniffer Tip FT385, 385mm, flexible
12218 Sniffer Tip ST200, 200mm, rigid
12246 Water protection tip for SL3000
12266 Sniffer Tip FT250, 250mm, flexible
521-011 SL3000XL-3, 3m length
521-012 SL3000XL-5, 5m length
521-013 SL3000XL-10, 10m length
521-014 SL3000XL-15, 15m length
521-015 Adapter customer sniffer line P3000XL
521-016 Oil/Water Protection Tip for SL3000XL
521-018 Sniffer Tip ST312XL, 120mm, rigid
521-019 Sniffer Tip FT312XL, 120mm, flexible
521-020 Sniffer Tip ST385XL, 385mm, rigid
521-021 Sniffer Tip FT385XL, 385mm, flexible
521-022 Sniffer Tip FT250XL, 250mm, flexible
521-026 Sniffer Tip FTS312XL, 120mm, flexible
521-027 Sniffer Tip FTS385XL, 385mm, flexible
521-028 Sniffer Tip FTS250XL, 250mm, flexible
525-001 SL3000-3, sniffer line 3m length
525-002 SL3000-5 sniffer line 5m length
525-003 SL3000-10 sniffer line 10m length
525-004 SL3000-15 sniffer line 15m length
525-005 Customer sniffer line adapter E3000/P3000
525-006 Holder for sniffer line SL3000
525-007 Cover for reference leak port
551-100 Control unit, desktop version
551-101 Display unit, rack installation
551-102 Cable 5m for 551-100
551-103 Connecting cable, ext. Control unit, 0.7



12237 Test leak for Helium S-TL4
12238 Test leak for Helium S-TL5
12339 External Sniffer Test Leak H2/ HeCal Leak
521-001 PRO-CHECK reference leak, Helium
 521-010 Spare reservoir for PRO-CHECK
521-017 Filter for Oil/ Water Protection Tip
521-023 Filter cartridge for SL3000XL (25x)


For more information, you may visit INFICON Protec® P3000(XL).

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