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To fabricate an advanced logic or memory chip, wafers are processed from one piece of equipment to another which may amount to more than a thousand process steps. Any mishap with the processed equipment or even a single process step will cause defects that may lead to yield impact. The culprit can be coming from parts malfunctioning or sub-systems. This yield impact factors had been constantly bothering the wafer fabrication engineers to salvage the condition.

The Vitzro EM AGV and PGV series Vacuum Gate Valve are designed to salvage this situation on top of its optimization for isolation of roughing pumps and its fore line in both semiconductor and vacuum applications. With its patented locking module without link and level, this resulted lower vibration, lesser noise and particles generation.

Back Streaming Prevention

Often, the process of wafers may encounter the tripping of the backing pump. The risk of by-product back streaming normally trigger the product within the processed chamber to suffer heavy defect that may cost losses due to yield impact and production downtime. The Vitzro EM’s Vacuum Gate Valves had the capability to prevent powder back streaming when the backing pump tripped, hence, averting the unnecessary losses.

Powder Protection Function

Vitzro EM is very mindful of the durability of its Vacuum Gate Valves. As the by-process powder can accumulate in the gate valve, especially the actuator and carriage mechanism, Vitzro EM recognized the problem and include the powder protection capability within the gate valve.

Soft Pumping Function

The Vitzro EM’s Vacuum Gate Valves are coupled with its Soft Pumping Function that greatly protects the roughing pumps from tremendous stress when transiting from atmospheric pressure to vacuum pressure. With this enhanced feature, the backing pump’s bearing mechanism is less likely subject to wearing out thus prolonging the lifespan of the backing pump.

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