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In today’s industrial society, providing essential products to customers is important. However, customers are reaching out for solution providers that can aid them to resolve some of their work-related issues which it may be out of their team’s capacity. We strive to fill in the missing gap to integrate and provide solutions wherever possible.

Inbound and Outbound Solution

Industries these days are pushing for more and more automation direction to compensate for what appears to be a growing shortage of workers and meeting the ever-increasing demands for fulfillment services. 

For companies handling this rapidly rising demand for parcels processing have a mixed blessing. With increased parcel volumes mean greater revenue. Associated companies need to rapidly acquire the system to cope with this demand to avoid slower shipments which may lead to loss of business.

To counter these issues, companies reach out to faster solutions like adding staffs for parcel sorting, checking and palletizing. However, this simply does not resolve the ever-increasing volumes of parcel handling at the inbound and outbound sides.  

In addition, manpower shortage is getting more rampant.  Baby boomers are retiring, younger workers are less inclined towards low-paying, repetitive jobs that often require long working hours.

Tech Gate provides solutions towards inbound (sorting and receiving of goods) and outbound (transporting of goods to pallet).

Our Solutions

Tech Gate is offering an ideal solution to the industries (for inbound and outbound) to help companies with the intention to keep up with the efficiency while maintaining lesser space, ease of implementation and error-free operation. 

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